Friday, July 27, 2012

Someone told me it’s all Happenin’ at the Zoo

Back in April of this year, we had the opportunity to attend the Kansas City, MO LDS temple Open house and visit the Kansas city zoo.  The mini trip we took was very last minute but so worth it.  Once Adam got off work we headed to Kansas City!  We arrived  at the temple grounds very late , still a beautiful experience but it was rainy, and dark so we didn’t get many pictures.  Here are a few:
Look how It Glows!

The next day we got to go to the Zoo!  I was kind of surprised to find out how many wonderful zoos there are in the Midwest.  The Kansas City Zoo was a lot of fun!  We got to go on a boat tour, a train tour and “aerial” tour where we sat on a ski lift type contraption that took us above the zoo!  We got to see a lot of lions, tigers and bears, oh my!  

These guys greeted us as we drove up to the Entrance

Hmm... which way to go?

Waiting for the Boat to Come

The Shores were lined with hundreds of sun- bathing turtles!

Hungry Hippos!

These sisters were fun to watch as they chomped down on veggies, they also drool a lot... like huge puppies

Taking it easy

Be Very Very Quiet, Lioness at Rest

Yes, we were that close to Nature :P

Up in the Air

It was a pretty chill day for all the animals

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